1. Exquisite newly designed rings by Pascua Yaqui artist Na Na Ping. Coble stone inlay in Morenci turquoise, marine fossilized ivory and Mediterranean coral set in sterling silver.
2. Outstanding large #8 turquoise nugget ring with wonderfully designed silver bezel and square shaped shank with #8 turquoise cobble stone inlay down each side. Please see the other images to capture this piece. Newly created by Pascua Yaqui artist, Na Na Ping (with the artist hallmark).
3. The beautiful fine work of the Zuni; here a contemporary turquoise petit-point shield ring.
4. Fantastic silver star rings by renowned Navajo silversmith Cody Sanderson.
5. Amazing large sculptural silver ring by artisan Calvin Martinez (with artist hallmark).
6. Lovely contemporary Navajo silver Thunderbird band ring with stamping.
7. Contemporary Zuni micro inlay ring depicting the 'Rainbow dancer'. Inlaid in coral, jet, turquoise and mother of pearl.
8. Navajo dinosaur fossil contemporary oval ring with lovely detailed shank striated into three, by artisan Orville Tsinnie.
9. Amazing natural coral cluster Navajo ring set in silver with twist wire centred around the central stone and silver beads radiate around the edge of the ring.
10. Exquisite square cut ring with amazing green turquoise stone with copper matrix with hues of deep to mid green by artisan Orville Tsinnie.