1. Superb vintage Zuni butterfly silver ring with inlaid turquoise into jet and with mother of pearl.
2. 1980's classic Hopi shadow box ring depicting the 'thunderbird' imagery with Mediterranean coral and turquoise.
3. Beautiful traditional large vintage Navajo turquoise cluster ring.
4. Classic vintage Navajo silver and high grade turquoise ring with traditional silver-smithing, made in the 1970's.
5. 1970's classic large turquoise stone set in great detailed silver ring.
6. Vintage Navajo silver and turquoise ring with silver twist wire bezel with silver detail set on a striated silver shank.
7. Great square cut silver and green turquoise vintage Navajo ring.
8. Exquisite silver and turquoise ring made by two renowned artists. The petite carved soft green turquoise bird is by, Leekya Deyuse and the fine silver ring by Ernie Lister
9. Gorgeous vintage Zuni cluster silver ring, set with deep green turquoise.
10. Vintage Navajo 1970's large green turquoise stone set in beautifully designed silver bezel.