1. Wonderful vintage Navajo silver ring set with natural branches of Mediterranean Coral with beautiful silver-smithing. Length 4cm (1 6/8
3. Superb petite vintage Zuni square cut turquoise three row silver ring. Each stone intricately cut and set in a saw tooth bezel design. Measures 1.5cm x 2cm (½
4. Gorgeous petite vintage cluster turquoise Navajo ring set on striated fine shank. Diameter 2cm (¾
5. Wonderful vintage Zuni shield ring with unusual inlaid ceremonial motif in jet, turquoise, mother of pearl and Mediterranean coral set in silver, with a simple shank. Length 3.5cm (1¼
6. Gorgeous vintage Navajo ring with deep green turquoise set in lovely classic setting. Length 2.5cm (1
7. Great vintage classic Navajo turquoise and silver ring with large oval turquoise. Length 3.5cm (1¼
8. Wonderfully unusual vintage Navajo deep green turquoise and silver ring. Length 2.8cm (1 1/8
9. Gorgeous classic Navajo vintage turquoise and silver ring with lovely stone. Length 3cm (1¼
10. Incredible Navajo vintage ring with large green turquoise stone set in fine traditional setting. Length 3.5cm (1¼