1. Exquisite ring by two renowned artists. The stone carving is by Zuni carver  Bernard Homer Jr in Denali turquoise and the silver-smithing by Navajo artist Kee Joe Benally.
2. Beautiful vintage Navajo ring with a square cut turquoise stone with unusual bezel design.
3. Superb old Navajo brilliantly coloured turquoise cluster ring, circa 1940's.
4. Three green turquoise stone and wonderful silver designed vintage Navajo ring.
5. Great vintage Navajo green turquoise cluster ring.
6. Wonderfully designed vintage all silver Navajo ring.
7. Vintage ring by Navajo silversmith Kee Nez - superb cabochon of Mediterranean coral set in great linear detailed silver design.
8. A superb ring by renowned inlay master John Gordon Leak, set with jet, mother of pearl, turquoise and orange spiny oyster shell.
9. Great vintage Navajo silver shield ring with traditional symbolic stamping.
10. Wonderful select range of old Navajo band rings in varying designs.