#1. Wonderful contemporary designed silver safety pin pendant by Navajo silver-smith, Cody Sanderson. With arist hallmark
#2. Contemporary Navajo Silversmith, Cody Sanderson - Superb large star pendant with artist hallmark.
#3. Black Jet Frog Pendant/ Pin With Turquoise inlay Set In Silver Inlay
#4. Silver tufa-cast contemporary Navajo cross with coral.
#5. Renowned contemporary silver-smith, Greg Lewis - Double bar silver stamped cross pendant with artist hallmark.
#6. Sterling silver stamped hand-made silver naja pendant by contemporary Navajo silver-smith by Dyaami Lewis.
#7. Superb silver and turquoise pendant by Navajo silver-smith Aaron Anderson.
#8. Contemporary Navajo silver-smith Dyaami Lewis naja pendant and with artist hallmark.
#10. Contemporary turquoise and silver rectangular pendant.
#9. Running horse contemporary Zuni silver and multi inlay pendant.