Superb contemporary Zuni cube pendant in silver and multi stone inlay with silver chain. Length 1cm and width 0.8cm
Great contemporary Navajo silver rectangular turquoise pendant. Length 4.7cm and width 2.3cm
Native North American Artist Liz Wallace creates an exquisite and technically sophisticated butterfly pin/pendant made from Red Mountain turquoise, fossilised walrus tusk set in superb silver detail. Length 5.5cm and width 9cm.
Beautiful Carico Lake turquoise and silver pendant. Length 4.7cm and width 2.6cm
Great contemporary Navajo all silver feather pendant. Length 5.5cm and width 1.8cm
Brilliantly coloured orange spiny oyster shell contemporary pendant set in silver. Length 5cm and width 2.2cm.
Contemporary Santo Domingo artist Dorothy Chavez - Beautiful serpentine stone hand carved cross pendant with silver . Length 9cm and width 5.5cm.
Renowned San Juan Pueblo artist, Mike Bird - Man pin with fossilised ivory and Mastodon ivory with abalone accents set into silver. Length 9cm and width 3cm.
Contemporary Navajo artist Cody Sanderson - Petite oxidised silver pendant depicting a dragon fly. Length 2.5cm and width 3cm
Contemporary Navajo designer, Norbert Peshlakai - Unusual silver pin inspired by traditional Navajo culture. Peshlakai is known also for his miniature silver clay pots, also on view in the gallery.
10. Beautiful contemporary turquoise pendant with detailed silver surround. Measures 3.5cm by 4.5cm