1. Superb vintage Navajo silver with Mediterranean coral crucifix. Length 2¾
2. Superb Julie O Lahi silver and turquoise cluster pendant. Diameter 3½
3. Beautiful vintage Zuni needle-point turquoise pin/pendant. Length 2¾
4. Great Navajo vintage all silver canteen pendant with lid and coral detail. Length 2¾
5. Wonderful vintage natural turquoise all american nugget pendant with silver. Length 1¾
6. Exquisite vintage pin/pendant by renowned mosaic inlay master, John Gordon Leak. Materials are jet, turquoise, mother of pearl and orange spiny oyster shell. Length 2½
7. A Leekya Deyuse (1889-1966) fetish pendant, carved from mother of pearl and strung on old trade beads. Length 1¼
8. A superb all silver mid 1900's crucifix from the Teal McKibben collection. Height 3¾
9. A great vintage Navajo large silver double bar Naja pendant with stamping detail and is light in weight. Measures Length 2¾
10. Superb pin/pendant by the renowned Dan Simplicio (1917-1969) - beautiful silver floral like pin set with a carved turquoise nugget and a natural branch of Mediterranean coral. Length 2¼