Historic petite fetish horse carving from Zuni rock with turquoise medicine bundle.
Old Navajo silver milk and sugar jugs with a silver plate decorated with lovely stamping.
Old Ketoh used by the Navajo as a bow and arrow arm guard. Old coins decorate the original leather the central design of the ketoh is classic repousse centred with a lovely turquoise stone.
Wonderful late 1800's Navajo Bandolier leather bag with a long strap, fluted buttons and silver conch with turquoise setting.
A late 1800's leather pouch with fluted buttons a silver conch with a turquoise setting. Leather fringing with old shells and a turquoise bead.
Assortment Of Vintage Navajo Children's Silver Cuffs
Vintage Silver And Turquoise Navajo Hair Pin
Vintage Silver Navajo Box With Traditional Stamping
Pair Of Old Silver And Turquoise Hair Clips By Kee Joe Benally
Very Old Coin Purses With Hand Beading And Advertising Feature.