#1. Historic petite fetish horse carving from Zuni rock with turquoise medicine bundle.
#2. Old Navajo silver milk and sugar jugs with a silver plate decorated with lovely stamping.
#3. Old Ketoh used by the Navajo as a bow and arrow arm guard. Old coins decorate the original leather the central design of the ketoh is classic repousse centred with a lovely turquoise stone.
#4. Wonderful late 1800's Navajo Bandolier leather bag with a long strap, fluted buttons and silver conch with turquoise setting.
#5. A late 1800's leather pouch with fluted buttons a silver conch with a turquoise setting. Leather fringing with old shells and a turquoise bead.
#6. Assortment Of Vintage Navajo Children's Silver Cuffs
#7. Vintage Silver And Turquoise Navajo Hair Pin
#8. Vintage Silver Navajo Box With Traditional Stamping
#9. Pair Of Old Silver And Turquoise Hair Clips By Kee Joe Benally
#10. Very Old Coin Purses With Hand Beading And Advertising Feature.