#1. Superb vintage Zuni inlay bolo depicting a ram in orange spiny oyster shell, mother of pearl, clam shell with turquoise all set in silver. Black leather is woven and measures in total 95cm (37 4/8
#2. Vintage Navajo bolo with incredible cabochon of turquoise with hues of deep green and a copper matrix throughout set in traditional silver setting. The black leather is woven with silver tips each accented with jet set in silver. Stone with silver measures 5cm x 4cm (2
#3. Old Navajo silver milk and sugar jugs with a silver plate decorated with lovely stamping.
#4. Old Ketoh used by the Navajo as a bow and arrow arm guard. Old coins decorate the original leather the central design of the ketoh is classic repousse centred with a lovely turquoise stone. Measures 9cm x 6.5cm (3 6/8
#5. A late 1800's leather pouch with fluted buttons a silver conch with a turquoise setting. Leather fringing with old shells and a turquoise bead.  Pouch with stand measure 25cm x 10cm (9¾
#6. Wonderful late 1800's Navajo Bandolier leather bag with a long strap, fluted buttons and silver conch with turquoise setting. Length with the strap is 74.5cm (29¼