1. Lovely vintage Zuni channel inlay horse cuff links.
2. Old Navajo silver milk and sugar jugs with a silver plate decorated with lovely stamping.
3. Old Ketoh used by the Navajo as a bow and arrow arm guard. Old coins decorate the original leather the central design of the ketoh is classic repousse centred with a lovely turquoise stone. Measures 9cm x 6.5cm (3 6/8
4. A late 1800's leather pouch with fluted buttons a silver conch with a turquoise setting. Leather fringing with old shells and a turquoise bead.  Pouch with stand measure 25cm x 10cm (9¾
5. Wonderful late 1800's Navajo Bandolier leather bag with a long strap, fluted buttons and silver conch with turquoise setting. Length with the strap is 74.5cm (29¼
1. Great vintage Navajo silver Thunderbird pendant with arrow stamping and a single turquoise stone. Length 5.2cm (2
2. Beautiful vintage Zuni inlaid butterfly broach/pendant, circa 1930's. Length 5.5cm (2 1/8
3. Vintage Navajo double crescent Naja silver pendant with repousse and turquoise stone. Length 5.5cm (2 2/8
4. Lovely vintage Navajo double crescent Naja pendant with stamping and single green turquoise stone. Length 4.5cm (1¾
5. Vintage Navajo double crescent Naja pendant with turquoise. Length 5cm (2
1. A fine early Navajo long silver beads necklace with a superb naja pendant with turquoise. Complete length is 73cm (28¾
2. Two lovely deep green turquoise heishi necklaces. Complete length for one is 46cm (18
3. A superb ten strand vintage coral heishi interspersed with lovely silver beads throughout. Complete length 73cm (28¾
4. A superb early long single strand of graduating coral heishi interspersed with lovely green turquoise tabs all the way around. Complete length 84cm (33¼
5. An incredible long vintage seven strand coral heishi necklace, interspersed with silver beads and an amazing turquoise Jackla pendant with orange spiny oyster shell tabs. Complete length 116cm (45¾
6. A beautiful vintage Zuni channel inlay shorter style necklace with coral and turquoise. Complete length 45
7. Vintage Navajo long turquoise tabs graduating in size necklace, with squaw wrapping with a jacla pendant with clam shell tabs. Complete length 101cm (39¾
8. An amazing vintage Navajo squash blossom necklace with incredible turquoise with a double strand of silver beads. Complete length 56cm (22
9. Exquisite two strands of beautiful turquoise heishi with orange spiny oyster shell tabs. Complete length 27cm (10¾
10. A wonderful long Thunderbird vintage Navajo necklace with turquoise, stamping and repousse. Complete length 103cm
1. Wonderful petite vintage Zuni inlay earrings set in silver. Measures 3.7cm x 1.8cm (1½
2. Superb vintage Navajo manta pin earrings domed with repousse. Diameter 6cm or 2 3/8
3. Great vintage Navajo silver and turquoise with Thunderbird earrings. Measures 6cm x 1.7cm (2 4/8
4. Amazing 1970's chandelier Zuni turquoise earrings with lovely turquoise and great design. Measure 8cm x 4cm (3 1/8
5. A  lovely pair of vintage Navajo earrings with great turquoise and silver work. Measures 3cm x 1.6cm (1¼
6. An early pair of Cheryl Yestewa turquoise tab earrings with silver hooks. Measures 3.2cm x 1cm (1 2/8
7. Gorgeous silver vintage Navajo hoop earrings with lovely stamping design. Measures 5.5cm x 4.1cm (2
8. Superb early silver Navajo squash blossom earrings with hoops and hooks. Measures 5cm x 2cm (2
9. Amazing early Navajo silver squash blossom earrings. Measures 5.5cm x 1.5cm (2 2/8
10. A wonderful pair of elegant 'White Hogan' earrings in silver and inlaid iron wood. Has the White Hogan signature stamp. Measures 3.5cm x 1.8cm (1 4/8
1. Beautiful vintage Navajo row cuff with five great green turquoise stones on silver cuff with stamping of arrows and other traditional designs. Width 1.8cm (¾
2. John Gordon Leak ( - 1970) vintage cuff. With superb inlay, of a Knife-wing ceremonial figure against a jet black background set on a divine silver cuff. Diameter is 5cm (2
3. Great vintage Navajo cuff with five lovely turquoise stones set on silver twist wire cuff setting.
4. Vintage Navajo cuff with amazing silver twist wire design set with a lovely oval turquoise stone.
5. Navajo vintage cuff with an amazing large soft green turquoise cabochon set in beautiful silver designed cuff.  Measurement of stone with silver bezel is 5.7cm x 5.5cm (2¼
6. Exquisite vintage Navajo silver ribbed cuff with two green cabochons of turquoise and stamping. Width 2.8cm (1 2/8
7. Superb 1930's silver vintage Navajo cuff with great repousse and stamping design. Width is 3.8cm (1½
8. Fine vintage Zuni silver and turquoise cluster link bracelet.
9. Exquisite vintage Navajo three stone turquoise cuff set in beautiful silver setting. Width 3cm (1¼
10. An amazing rare late 1800's Navajo cuff with simple stamping and square cut stone centered.
1. Wonderful vintage Navajo silver ring set with natural branches of Mediterranean Coral with beautiful silver-smithing. Length 4cm (1 6/8
3. Superb petite vintage Zuni square cut turquoise three row silver ring. Each stone intricately cut and set in a saw tooth bezel design. Measures 1.5cm x 2cm (½
4. Gorgeous petite vintage cluster turquoise Navajo ring set on striated fine shank. Diameter 2cm (¾
5. Wonderful vintage Zuni shield ring with unusual inlaid ceremonial motif in jet, turquoise, mother of pearl and Mediterranean coral set in silver, with a simple shank. Length 3.5cm (1¼
6. Gorgeous vintage Navajo ring with deep green turquoise set in lovely classic setting. Length 2.5cm (1
7. Great vintage classic Navajo turquoise and silver ring with large oval turquoise. Length 3.5cm (1¼
8. Wonderfully unusual vintage Navajo deep green turquoise and silver ring. Length 2.8cm (1 1/8
9. Gorgeous classic Navajo vintage turquoise and silver ring with lovely stone. Length 3cm (1¼
10. Incredible Navajo vintage ring with large green turquoise stone set in fine traditional setting. Length 3.5cm (1¼
1. Beautiful 1940's Navajo conch belt, each of the seven conch's, centered with a brilliant turquoise stone and displays great Navajo stamping. With a great square buckle with four turquoise stones. Dimension of the conch's 9cm x 7.5cm (3½
2. Amazing ranger set on original leather by master Navajo smith, Mark Chee, with his signature superb heavy stamp work.
3. Superb late 1800's Isleta Pueblo silver buckle with Pueblo style design. Dimensions 6.5cm x 4.1cm (2½
4. Turn of the century classic 2nd phase Navajo buckle with repousse and two turquoise stones. Dimension 10.5cm x 7.2cm (4 1/8
5. Great vintage Navajo silver seven conch belt with buckle on original leather and from a significant west coast collection. Dimension of conch 9.8cm x 7.5cm (3¼
6. Gorgeous vintage silver conch link belt with blue and green turquoise with dividers with square buckle. Length of conch 6.5cm x 4cm (2½
7. Superb vintage Navajo all silver buckle with 'Knifewing' ceremonial figure by Navajo master smith, Austin Wilson. Length 2¾
8. Great all silver ornate domed buckle by master Navajo smith, Austin Wilson, circa 1940's. Length 5cm (2½
9. An array of Southwestern U.S.A. great vintage hand crafted genuine leather belts to compliment any buckle.
1930's Vintage conch belt with pretty blue turquoise. Conch height is 5cm or 2.1/8
10. An exquisite vintage Zuni link belt by the mosaic master Teddy Weahkee; with fourteen mini mosaic works depicting clay pots and interspersed with fifteen silver stamped plates. The buckle aesthetically matching with the smaller inlay pots is surrounded in beautiful silver detail.
6. Vintage Zuni inlay silver buckle, with turquoise, jet and coral. Length 3″ x 1″