Vintage Navajo Silver Belt Buckle set with Turquoise circa 1920's - 1930's
Vintage Turquoise Channel Inlay Ranger Set
Vintage Silver Stamped Belt Buckle Set with Turquoise and Hubbel Glass circa 1920's
Vintage Belt Buckle with Horse/ Dog Inlay Motif
Vintage Conch Belt featuring detailed Stamping Work set with High Quality Turquoise
Vintage Roger Skeet Silver Belt Set with Turquoise Circa 1930's
Vintage Silver Stamped Repousse Belt Buckle
Vintage Ranger Set with Turquoise Channel Inlay stamped
Lovely vintage Navajo silver and turquoise pendant with stamping.
Fine vintage silver inlay Zuni butterfly pin/pendant.
Vintage Zuni cluster turquoise and silver pin.
Superb inlay pin/pendant  depicting the Knife wing God ceremonial figure.
Beautiful vintage petrified wood silver pin.
Exquisite channel inlay turquoise cross pendant by artist, Lambert Homer.
Vintage Navajo silver and turquoise stamped double crescent naja pendant
Vintage turquoise silver Navajo cross pendant.
Superb vintage Navajo silver double crescent removable Naja pendant.
Northwest Coast early ivory carving with abalone inlay.
Historic petite fetish horse carving from Zuni rock with turquoise medicine bundle.
Old Navajo silver milk and sugar jugs with a silver plate decorated with lovely stamping.
Old Ketoh used by the Navajo as a bow and arrow arm guard. Old coins decorate the original leather the central design of the ketoh is classic repousse centred with a lovely turquoise stone.
Wonderful late 1800's Navajo Bandolier leather bag with a long strap, fluted buttons and silver conch with turquoise setting.
A late 1800's leather pouch with fluted buttons a silver conch with a turquoise setting. Leather fringing with old shells and a turquoise bead.
Vintage Dan Simplicio Silver Necklace with Turquoise
Fred Harvey Silver and Turquoise Thunderbird Pendant on Necklace
Sadie Laahte Carved Fetish on Clam Shell Heishi Necklace
Circa 1950's Turquoise and Clam Shell Heishi with Squaw Wrapping
Assortment Of Vintage Navajo Children's Silver Cuffs
Vintage Navajo Turquoise and Silver Cuff
Vintage Navajo Hubbell Glass Silver Cuff
Vintage Navajo Turquoise and Silver Cuff
Early Stamped Silver Cuff
Vintage Multi Row Turquoise Silver Cuff
Vintage Rainbow Inlay Cuff with Spiny oyster shell, Blue Gem Turquoise, MOP and Jet
Circa 1920's to 1930's Turquoise Cuff featuring Silver scroll work
Vintage Palic Mana Inlay Cuff with MOP, Coral and Jet
Circa 1950's Silver Cuff
Open slot concho petite belt all hand wrought with no solder made in the 1st phase method, circa 1920's.
Great heavy gauge vintage Navajo ranger set with Bisbee turquoise in wonderful traditional design.
Large Navajo Turquoise oval cabochon ring set in silver.
Zuni Yei figure ring with Turquoise, Jet and Coral inlay in silver.
Zuni ring inspired by Leekya with carved Turquoise leaf set in silver.
Navajo Green Turquoise oval set in a fine silver ring.
Classic Zuni cluster ring set with high grade Turquoise .
Wonderful Zuni 18 stone square cut Turquoise ring set in silver.
Unusual Zuni shield style ring with inlay Jet, Coral and Turquoise bird head motif.
Navajo 3 oval natural Coral set ring in heavy silver band.
Elegant Zuni Thunderbird silver ring with Coral, Jet and Turquoise inlaid to Mother of Pearl.
1970's large square cut Turquoise cabochon set in classic silver band.
Vintage Frank Patania Silver Necklet
Vintage Silver Coin Necklace featuring Naja set with Turquoise
Circa 1920's Navajo Turquoise Jocla
Frank Vacit Circa 1940's Inlay Pendant with Silver Necklace
Vintage Two Strand Mother of Pearl Fetish on Clam Shell Heishi Necklace
Circa 1920's Silver Squash Blossom Necklace featuring Naja Set with Turquoise
Vintage Button Earrings
Vintage Cluster Turquoise Dangle
Vintage Coral Zuni Petite Point Drop Earrings
Vintage Navajo Ironwood and Silver Kenny Begay - White Hogan Earrings
Vintage Button Earrings with Turquoise
Vintage Navajo Turquoise Earrings
Vintage MOP Inlay Earrings
Vintage Zuni Turquoise Petite Point Cluster Earrings
Vintage Silver Button Earrings
Vintage Pahlik Mana Inlay Earrings
Circa 1960's Large Turquoise Silver Cuff
Vintage Silver And Turquoise Navajo Hair Pin
Vintage Silver Navajo Box With Traditional Stamping
Pair Of Old Silver And Turquoise Hair Clips By Kee Joe Benally
Very Old Coin Purses With Hand Beading And Advertising Feature.
1930's Vintage conch belt with pretty blue turquoise. Conch height is 5cm or 2.1/8
6. Vintage Zuni inlay silver buckle, with turquoise, jet and coral. Length 3″ x 1″