#1. Superb vintage Zuni inlay bolo depicting a ram in orange spiny oyster shell, mother of pearl, clam shell with turquoise all set in silver. Black leather is woven and measures in total 95cm (37 4/8
#2. Vintage Navajo bolo with incredible cabochon of turquoise with hues of deep green and a copper matrix throughout set in traditional silver setting. The black leather is woven with silver tips each accented with jet set in silver. Stone with silver measures 5cm x 4cm (2
#1. Great vintage Navajo silver sand-cast buckle with green turquoise in traditional design. Will fit a belt width of 2cm (7/8
#3. Lovely vintage silver ornate Navajo hair barrette with pin holder. The pin is accented with a single turquoise stone.
#1. A superb early pin by renowned Zuni artisan, Leo Poblano (1905-1959), from the Martha Hopkins Struever collection. Intricately inlaid, stone to stone depicting a Kachina ceremonial figure. Has a little silver stand on the reverse to display the pin to stand upright. Measures 6cm x 3cm (2 4/8
#2. Superb vintage pin by inlay master, Leo Poblano (1905 - 1959) from the Martha Hopkins Struever collection. A Kachina ceremonial figure, intricately inlaid, stone to stone in mother of pearl, mussel shell, jet, turquoise, red spiny oyster shell set into silver with fine saw-tooth bezel surround. Measures 7cm x 4.5cm (2¾
#3. Exquisite large early Zuni 'Knifewing' inlay pin. Inlaid with orange spiny oyster shell, blue and green turquoise, mother of pearl and jet, set in silver with lovely silver spanning feathered wings and tail. Measures 7.8cm x 8.7cm (3
#4. Superb vintage pin by the renowned John Gordon Leak - With inlaid 'Knifewing' ceremonial figure into jet, set in silver foundation with fine saw-tooth bezel, twist-wire and silver button surround. Measures 5.2cm x 5.4cm (2
#5 Exquisite large domed turquoise cabochon removable pendant, with shades of copper to deep green matrix throughout. Set in a fine silver foundation with silver twist-wire surround. Measures 6cm x 4.2cm (2 4/8
#6. Lovely vintage double crescent stamped Naja removable pendant, with three deep green turquoise stones. Measures 5cm x 5.4cm (2
#7. A fine large silver with turquoise Naja removable pendant inlaid with silver twist-wire all the way around the crescent finishing with repousse at the returns. Measures 6.5cm x 6.5cm (2 6/8
#8. Lovely vintage double crescent silver Naja removable pendant with three soft green turquoise stones. Measures 4.5cm x 4.5cm (1¾
#2. Superb wearable early vintage silver conch belt with buckle. Eight elongated oval shaped conch's, with scalloped edging with stamping framing the open diamond cut out slot, each conch with the copper transverse bar on the under-side for weaving the leather through. The buckle is slightly wider than the conch's and displays the same scalloped and stamped edge and differentiates in design with great stamped crests. This belt has a lovely patina and can fit a 2.1cm (8/8
#3. Lovely petite vintage Navajo belt with eleven conch's and buckle. Each conch with sunburst repousse radiating outward of the central turquoise stone then framed with stamping and scalloped edging. The buckle with stunning design with traditional repousse, four tear-dropped shaped turquoise stones with wide scalloped edging. Buckle measures 7cm x 5cm (2¾
#4. A petite vintage Navajo conch belt made up of ten conch's, eleven dividers and buckle each with stamping, repousse, scalloped edging and petite green turquoise stones. The buckle with traditional repousse design and rectangular, measuring 5.7cm x 4cm (2¼
#5. Gorgeous petite vintage Navajo conch belt on original tan leather with buckle and twelve matching conch's. Each conch with repousse radiating out from the central turquoise stone and framed with stamping and scalloped edging. The buckle is circular in shape with the same edging as the conch's and the central design with repousse and stamping surrounding a soft green turquoise stone. Conch measures 3.5cm x 3cm (1 3/8
#1. Petite vintage Navajo turquoise and silver ring with four turquoise cabochons ranging from mid to dark green. The shank has stamping all the way around the band. Dimensions across the top of the ring is 2.3cm x 1.5cm (¾
#2 Exquisite collectable ring by renowned carver Leekya Deyuse (1889-1966) with two coiling snakes softly carved in green turquoise and set into heavy gauge silver bezel with scalloped edging. Dimensions across the top of the ring is 4cm x 3cm (1 6/8
#3. Great 1970's large oval green turquoise ring with a copper matrix running through the stone and set into traditional silver style shank. Dimension across the top of the ring is 4.8cm x 2.3cm (1 9/8
#4. Petite vintage Thunderbird Navajo, silver and green turquoise ring from the Fred Harvey era. Dimensions across the top is 1.8cm x 1.5cm (7/8
#5. Superb vintage Zuni inlay ring with the 'Knifewing God' a ceremonial figure, which has been inlaid into tortoise shell and set into silver. The use of tortoise shell was banned in the West and Asia in the 1970's. Dimensions across the top is 2.8cm x 2.3cm ( 1 1/8
#6. Beautiful vintage Navajo silver and Mediterranean coral cluster ring. Lovely all natural aged soft red Mediterranean coral with lovely silver work. Signed H. Chato. Dimensions of the top of the ring is 3cm x 2cm (1¼
#7. Vintage Navajo cluster silver ring with lovely turquoise stones and silver twist-wire around the central cabochon. Dimensions of the top of the ring is 4.3cm x 3cm (1¾
#8. Wonderful vintage Navajo silver and turquoise large ring with lovely scalloped edging and turquoise stone. Dimension of the top of the ring is 4.3cm x 3.5cm       (1 7/8
#9. Great 1920's - 40's, Navajo silver ring with two rows of turquoise and silver bead detail. Each stone is set in a fine saw-tooth silver bezel and the shank is striated into two at the sides moving into a single band. Pictured in the book 'South Western Indian Jewelry' on page 84. Dimensions of the top of the ring is 3cm x 2cm (1¼
#10. Lovely vintage Navajo turquoise cluster ring set in silver. Length across the top is 3.6cm (1 4/8
#1. Two wonderful hand-made Mexican vintage graduating silver pearl necklaces with stamping. The shorter necklace length is 43cm (16¾
#2. Beautiful early five strand clam shell heishi necklace with fine fetish birds and bears by Leekya Deyuse (1889-1966). Interspersed throughout are turquoise and red spiny shell beads. Length 69cm (27¼
#3. Superb vintage heishi necklace and earrings set with lovely graduating deep to mid green turquoise beads and silver beads at the returns. Complete necklace length 55cm (21 6/8
#4. Two vintage joclah necklaces with lovely natural turquoise beads with mother of pearl and clam shell central tabs and silver beads. Complete length of each 42cm (16 6/8
#5. Rare superb late 1800's Pueblo, red trade beads necklace. Interspersed with hand forged 10 silver beads and 43 fine silver crosses with four dimes with one large central double bar silver cross, with stamping on each side. Each fine silver cross has matching stamping on both sides. Complete length 94cm (37
#6. Fine vintage Mediterranean coral and silver channel inlay Zuni necklace with seven silver and coral dangles. Complete length 53cm (20¾
#7. Superb rare vintage Zuni hand-made necklace. With silver hand forged beads chain interspersed with five beautiful channel inlaid floral segments. Inlaid with orange spiny oyster shell, jet, and turquoise. Complete length 55cm (21¾
#8. An exquisite, very collectable Dan Simplicio (1917-1969) necklace. Designed with hand-made chain with three segments of lovely turquoise and silver leaves, the central stone features channel inlay. Complete length 43cm (16¾
#9. Hand-made vintage Navajo silver beads necklace with 13 beautiful dividers with unique design, circa 1940's-50's. Complete length 56cm (22
#10. Wonderful vintage necklace by Frank Patania with lovely silver beads with five graduating silver plates. Complete length is 48.5cm (19¼
#1. Lovely early 1900's Persian turquoise row cuff with graduating cabochons set on a heavy gauge silver foundation with three rows of silver twist-wire. Width across the top is 1.5cm (6/8
#2. Superb heavy gauge row cuff by renowned silver-smith Mark Chee (1914-1981), set with nine graduating cabochons of turquoise. With the hallmark of the artist. Inner circumference is 12.5cm (4¾
#4. Wonderful vintage eight row petit-point turquoise cuff with fine stamping. Inner circumference 13cm (5 1/8
#5. Exquisite Pueblo vintage green turquoise and silver cluster cuff with silver twist wire design. Inner circumference is 14cm (5½
#6. Lovely vintage Navajo soft green turquoise row cuff with stamping. Inner circumference is 14cm (5½
#7. Fine vintage Zuni inlay Rainbow dancer silver cuff with silver beads running down each side of the figure. Inlaid with jet, turquoise, orange spiny oyster shell and mother of pearl. Inner circumference is 13.5cm (5 2/8
#8. Superb wide vintage melon shell, channel inlay cuff with side stamping. Width across the top is 4.7cm (1¾
#9. Fine vintage Dennis Edaakie cuff, done in the earlier part of his career and signed by the Zuni artist. Inlaid with iron wood, mother of pearl, abalone, Mediterranean coral; depicting a hummingbird motif. Inner circumference is 13.5cm (5¼
#10. 1920's Navajo silver stamped cuff with lovely stamping design. Inner circumference is 15.3cm (6
1. Fabulous vintage natural green turquoise nuggets with silver wire hooks. Length 5cm (2
2. Early 1900's apple green pump drilled turquoise joclah earrings with early glass trade beads and clam shell tabs centered. Length 13.5cm (5 3/8
3. Vintage Navajo turquoise cluster earrings with lovely stones and has hooks. Length 4cm (1½
4. Vintage Navajo shadow box silver earrings with lovely turquoise stones. Length 8cm (3 1/8
5. Superb late 1890's Pueblo large silver with green cabochon earrings each with five silver squash blossoms. Length 9.5cm (3¾
6. Fine 1930's Zuni petit-point turquoise cluster and silver dangle earrings. Length 6cm (2 3/8
7. Lovely early 1900's Navajo turquoise and silver earrings. Length 6cm (2 3/8
8. Fine multi inlay in silver, vintage Zuni butterfly earrings. Width 2.5cm (1
9. Vintage Navajo moccasin button silver and green turquoise earrings. Diameter 2.5cm (1
10. Frank Patania Sr. (1899-1964) Mediterranean coral and sterling silver earrings. Diameter 2.5cm (1
#4. Old Navajo silver milk and sugar jugs with a silver plate decorated with lovely stamping.
#5. Old Ketoh used by the Navajo as a bow and arrow arm guard. Old coins decorate the original leather the central design of the ketoh is classic repousse centred with a lovely turquoise stone. Measures 9cm x 6.5cm (3 6/8
#6. A late 1800's leather pouch with fluted buttons a silver conch with a turquoise setting. Leather fringing with old shells and a turquoise bead.  Pouch with stand measure 25cm x 10cm (9¾
#7. Wonderful late 1800's Navajo Bandolier leather bag with a long strap, fluted buttons and silver conch with turquoise setting. Length with the strap is 74.5cm (29¼
#9. Great vintage Navajo silver Thunderbird pendant with arrow stamping and a single turquoise stone. Length 5.2cm (2
#10. Beautiful vintage Zuni inlaid butterfly broach/pendant, circa 1930's. Length 5.5cm (2 1/8
#6. Beautiful 1940's Navajo conch belt, each of the seven conch's, centered with a brilliant turquoise stone and displays great Navajo stamping. With a great square buckle with four turquoise stones. Dimension of the conch's 9cm x 7.5cm (3½
#7. Turn of the century classic 2nd phase large Navajo buckle with stamped repousse which creates the shape of the buckle and accented with two intact aged soft green turquoise stones. Dimension 10.5cm x 7.2cm (4 1/8
#8. Great vintage Navajo silver seven conch belt with buckle on original leather and from a significant west coast collection. Dimension of conch 9.8cm x 7.5cm (3¼
#9. Gorgeous vintage silver conch link belt with blue and green turquoise with dividers with square buckle. Length of conch 6.5cm x 4cm (2½
10. An array of Southwestern U.S.A. great vintage hand crafted genuine leather belts to compliment any buckle.
1930's Vintage conch belt with pretty blue turquoise. Conch height is 5cm or 2.1/8
6. Vintage Zuni inlay silver buckle, with turquoise, jet and coral. Length 3″ x 1″