#1. Beautiful hand forged silver beads with Naja by Laguna Pueblo silver-smith Dyaami Lewis. The Naja pendant is accented with a single turquoise stone.
#2. Acclaimed contemporary Zuni Pueblo artist, Jovanna Poblano necklace with amber coloured agate beads and an abalone corn maiden pendant.
#3. Aaron Anderson Pendant set with Bisbee Turquoise featured on a single strand of contemporary silver oxidized beads
#4. Large Turquoise Bead Necklace
#5. Contemporary six strands of natural Mediterranean coral heishi necklace
#6. Superb fetish carved necklace by the renowned Sarah Leekya, in varying stones and carvings of leaves and different animals.
#7. Exquisite Sleeping Beauty turquoise and silver necklace with eleven beautiful stones
#8. Contemporary Taos fetish necklace with different animal carvings and a large bear pendant all hand carved.
#9. Superb contemporary green turquoise tabs and silver necklace with extension chain
#10. Exquisite woven turquoise bead necklace by acclaimed Santo Domingo lapidarist Jimmy Calabaza