1. Superb contemporary 'Sleeping Beauty' turquoise and silver necklace with 11 exquisite stones. Length 46cm (18¼
2. Jovanna Poblano and Daniel Chattin  - Carved corn maiden pendant from mother of pearl with decorative detail and strung from natural nuggets of sleeping beauty turquoise. Complete Length 56cm (22
3. Exquisite Mike Bird Romero silver cross and beads necklace with a double cross bar bleeding heart pendant. Necklace length is 66cm (26
4. Contemporary Mediterranean three strand coral heishi with silver returns. Length 44cm (17¼
5. Fine contemporary detailed sterling silver chain interspersed with silver beads. Length 68cm (26¾
6. Contemporary silversmith, Cody Sanderson - Stainless steel silver beads necklace each with a sterling silver removable star pendant.
7. Contemporary Silversmith Jesse Robbins - Fantastic large hand made silver Naja pendant with turquoise strung on adjustable leather necklace with silver beads. Length of Naja 7.2cm (2¾
8. Renowned Zuni carvers, Pete and Dinah Gasper -  long fetish necklace strung on clam shell heishi with silver returns along with their signature disc. Each fetish animal carved uniquely and in different stones. Length 87cm (34¼
9. Artist Marvin Lovato's beautiful white clam shell heishi with central tabs of turquoise or orange spiny oyster shell. Length 47.5cm (18¾
10. Contemporary silver and natural green turquoise tab necklace. Length 43.1cm (17