#1. A lovely selection of varying petite pendants and fine chains, now in the gallery.
#2. Graduating turquoise heishi beads with silver cones at the returns. Made from the very blue 'sleeping beauty' turquoise. Length 58.5cm (23
#3. Lovely long silver beads necklace completed with a wonderfully designed silver removable naja pendant, hand forged by Navajo silversmith Dyaami Lewis. Silver beads length 122cm (48
#4. Beautifully fossilised carved ivory bird fetish and clam shell heishi necklace by Verna Kushana, a relation of the George Haloo Chee Chee family of carvers. This necklace is completed with silver cones at the returns with hook and eye. Complete length 85cm (33½
#5. Lovely long four strands of natural turquoise beads interspersed with amethyst beads, necklace. The clasp is an old USA coin from 1898. Complete length 64.5cm (25¼
#6. Superb Zuni spinner, one side of the domed spinning medallion centred, has a 'blue Jay' scene inlaid in turquoise and the other a 'red Robbin' scene inlaid in Mediterranean coral. Please see other images. The chain is separate. Spinner diameter 4.5cm (1¾
#7. Finely carved fetish clam shell two strand necklace, the animal carvings of birds and bears carved from orange spiny oyster shell. Silver cones at the returns. Complete length 82cm (32 2/8
#8. Beautiful fine Santo Domingo contemporary long twenty strand clam shell heishi, with silver cones at the returns and silver adjustable length chain. Three colours softly merging into the next colour. Complete length 78.5cm (30¾
#9. Incredible NothWest Coast designed, hand carved fossilised ivory pendant with abalone shell inlay and beads necklace by contemporary designer, Patty Fawn. Pendant measures 11cm x 5.5cm (4 3/8
#10. Santo Domingo ten strand heishi of turquoise and clam shell by artisan Emily Garcia. Complete length 62.5cm (24 6/8