1. Beautiful contemporary Navajo necklace with eleven turquoise stones set into silver with fine silver mesh chain. Complete length 46cm
2. Exquisite turquoise bead woven choker by artist Jimmy Calabaza of Santo Domingo Pueblo. Complete length 46.5cm
3. Beautiful turquoise contemporary Zuni necklace made up of fifty strands of miniature turquoise beads with silver returns. Complete length 46cm
4. Contemporary Zuni artist Dinah Gasper - Superb clam shell two strand heishi necklace interspersed with very finely carved turquoise animal talismens/fetishes. Complete length 74.5cm
5. Contemporary Zuni Artists Pete and Dinah Gasper - fine fetish clam shell heishi necklace interspersed with various animal talismans/fetishes. Complete length 34.5cm
6. Contemporary Zuni bird fetish necklace with clam shell heishi and turquoise beads. Complete length 68.5cm
7. Exquisite necklace by contemporary Zuni artists Jovanna Poblano & Daniel Chattin - Fine heishi strands of angel skin coral and finished with a maiden pendant made from an oyster shell and turquoise. Complete length 29cm
8. Fantastic contemporary silver beads by the Jackson family along with a great pendant by Navajo artist 'Dyaami Lewis'. Single bead measures 1cm x 1cm. Entire necklace length is 60.5cm. Pendant width is 5.3cm and the length 5.5cm
9. Contemporary Zuni, fine liquid heishi necklace made of tiny jet and silver beads with one coral bead.
10. Navajo contemporary jewellery designer, Patrick Yazzie - beautiful orange spiny oyster shell necklace set in silver with fine silver chain.