1. Early 1900's, unusually long and large single strand of graduating Mediterranean coral heishi with large green nuggets of turquoise interspersed. Complete length 82cm (32¼
2. 1940's-50's Isleta Pueblo necklace with hand wrought silver beads and cast silver crosses and single turquoise stone. Complete length 72cm (28¼
3. Superb vintage squash blossom silver necklace with small round compactable squash blossoms and a simple cast naja pendant. Possibly Pueblo and circa 1910. Complete length 76cm (30
4. Gorgeous vintage silver beads necklace with a removable naja pendant with turquoise. Length of beads is 56cm (22
5. Great very long vintage Navajo 'Thunderbird' necklace with fine chain. Thunderbird pendant has traditional Navajo stamping and three petite turquoise stones. Complete length of necklace 104cm (41
6. Exquisite vintage ten strand Mediterranean coral heishi, interspersed with petite turquoise nuggets and beads along with one single silver bead. Complete length 84cm (33
7. A vintage single long strand of Mediterranean coral heishi with a central turquoise bead. Complete length 64cm (25¼
8. Deep green turquoise two strand early heishi necklace with hand forged silver beads with old red trade beads. Complete length 37cm (14.5
9. Superb vintage graduating in size, bright blue turquoise heishi necklace with orange spiny oyster shell tabs centred and trade beads at the returns. Complete length 28cm (11
10. Long Vintage Navajo hand forged silver beads with squaw wrapping, attached a petite Naja pendant with three stones of turquoise. Complete length with pendant 73cm (28¾