#1. Two wonderful hand-made Mexican vintage graduating silver pearl necklaces with stamping. The shorter necklace length is 43cm (16¾
#2. Beautiful early five strand clam shell heishi necklace with fine fetish birds and bears by Leekya Deyuse (1889-1966). Interspersed throughout are turquoise and red spiny shell beads. Length 69cm (27¼
#3. Superb vintage heishi necklace and earrings set with lovely graduating deep to mid green turquoise beads and silver beads at the returns. Complete necklace length 55cm (21 6/8
#4. Two vintage joclah necklaces with lovely natural turquoise beads with mother of pearl and clam shell central tabs and silver beads. Complete length of each 42cm (16 6/8
#5. Rare superb late 1800's Pueblo, red trade beads necklace. Interspersed with hand forged 10 silver beads and 43 fine silver crosses with four dimes with one large central double bar silver cross, with stamping on each side. Each fine silver cross has matching stamping on both sides. Complete length 94cm (37
#6. Fine vintage Mediterranean coral and silver channel inlay Zuni necklace with seven silver and coral dangles. Complete length 53cm (20¾
#7. Superb rare vintage Zuni hand-made necklace. With silver hand forged beads chain interspersed with five beautiful channel inlaid floral segments. Inlaid with orange spiny oyster shell, jet, and turquoise. Complete length 55cm (21¾
#8. An exquisite, very collectable Dan Simplicio (1917-1969) necklace. Designed with hand-made chain with three segments of lovely turquoise and silver leaves, the central stone features channel inlay. Complete length 43cm (16¾
#9. Hand-made vintage Navajo silver beads necklace with 13 beautiful dividers with unique design, circa 1940's-50's. Complete length 56cm (22
#10. Wonderful vintage necklace by Frank Patania with lovely silver beads with five graduating silver plates. Complete length is 48.5cm (19¼