1. Exquisite contemporary Navajo turquoise silver earrings with great turquoise stones. Length 7cm (2¾
2. Great contemporary Navajo chandelier, orange spiny oyster shell and silver earrings. Length 5cm (2
3. Beautiful fine contemporary Zuni channel inlay hoop dangle earrings inlaid with angel skin coral, lapis-lazuli and turquoise. Length 5cm (2
4. Petite earrings with Damali turquoise set in elegant silver setting by contemporary Pascua Yaqui designer Na Na Ping. Length 2.5cm (1
5. Elegant earrings with soft green turquoise set in fine coin ingot silver setting. Inspired by traditional Native North American silver-smithing, by renowned contemporary designer Steven Tiffany. Length 6cm (2¼
6. Superb silver chandelier earrings with repousse technique and designs inspired by traditional Navajo elements by renowned silversmith, McKee Platero. Length 10cm (4
7. Beautiful hand-made silver hoop earrings with floral style design by contemporary Kiowa Artist, Keri Ataumbi. Diameter 5cm (2
8. Amazing earrings by contemporary Laguna Pueblo artist, Pat Pruitt - Silver and Zirconium two tiered earrings with linear design and elegant shape. Length 6.5cm (2½
9. Exquisite extremely finely detailed silver earrings by renowned metal smith, Steven Tiffany - Coin silver hoops with graduating silver beads with fine linear detail, accented with two brilliant Bisbee turquoise stones framed in silver. Length 5cm (2
10. Contemporary artist, Dyaami Lewis of Laguna Pueblo - hand forged silver and turquoise dangle earrings inspired by traditional design elements. Length 8.5cm (3¼). Width 4.5cm (1¾