1. Contemporary mosaic inlay earrings by artist Charlene Reano. Inlaid with jet, mother of pearl and spiny oyster shell on shell backing with silver hooks.
2. Contemporary two tier turquoise earrings set in silver by artist's Vernon and Clarissa Hale (with artist hallmark).
3. Beautiful contemporary natural turquoise tabs with 14k gold hooks by Hopi artist Piki Wadsworth.
4. Lovely two stone turquoise and silver earrings by Jeanette Dale (with artist hallmark).
5. Contemporary Navajo vibrant deep red Mediterranean coral cluster earrings with posts (can be converted to clip on) set in silver.
6. Lovely marine fossilized ivory earrings by Inuit artist, David Wallace in neutral tones with silver hooks.
7. Amazing large turquoise cobble stone inlay earrings by Na Na Ping, set in silver. With artist hallmark
8. Early Harry Harvey Begay silver chandelier earrings which are light in weight. With artist hallmark
9. Superb silver squash blossom earrings by silversmith Steven Tiffany. Made from coin silver and with artist hallmark and has a slight chiming sound to them.
10. Petite silver star earrings by Navajo silver-smith Cody Sanderson.