1. Great silver contemporary Navajo conch earrings with traditional Navajo design. Length 4.7cm and width 2.8cm. In Inches, length 1¾
2. Contemporary Navajo two tiered green turquoise cluster earrings set into silver. Length 3.5cm and width 2.6cm. In inches, length 1¼
3. Superb earrings by contemporary artist Na Na Ping - Carico Lake inlaid earrings set into silver. Length 6.5cm and width 0.8cm and diameter of the circular piece is 1.5cm. In inches, length 2½
4. Beautiful contemporary Navajo white turquoise earrings set in silver. Length 3cm and width 2.2cm. In inches, length 1¼
5. Renowned artist Denise Wallace - Scrimshawed fossilized ivory earrings set in silver with gold detail. Length 2.4cm and width 2.1cm. In inches, length ¾
6. Great contemporary Navajo purple sugilite set in silver earrings. Length 3.5cm and width 1.8cm. In inches, length 1¼
7. Contemporary Orange spiny oyster shell earrings set in traditional silver setting by the Jackson's. Length 6.5cm and width 1.5cm. In inches, length 2½
8. Superb traditional Navajo style silver and natural cabochons of Lapis-Lazuli earrings by contemporary Navajo artist Albert Lee. Length 3.6cm and width 2cm. In inches, length 1¼
9. Incredible brilliantly coloured natural American turquoise earrings with silver buttons by renowned Navajo silversmith Calvin Martinez . Length 5.5cm and width 2.4cm. In inches, length 2¼
10. Navajo silversmith Kenneth Bitsie - beautiful silver and coble stone turquoise inlay earrings. Length 5.5cm. In inches, length 2¼