1. Great vintage Navajo and turquoise stamped earrings with fringing. Length 7cm and width 2.7cm.
2. Fantastic old all silver dividers from a vintage conch belt with turquoise stones, made into earrings. Length 7cm and width 3cm
3. Early Navajo all silver hoop earrings, circa 1915-1920. Length 4cm and width 3.2cm
4. Finely drilled vintage bright blue turquoise jackla earrings with clam shell tabs, red beads with silver. Length 10.5cm
5. Early Navajo green turquoise tab earrings with original drill holes with silver. Length 4.5cm and width 1.5cm.
6. Depression earrings from Kewa, formally known as Santo Domingo Pueblo - With silver, clam shell and turquoise chip inlay, inlaid on shells. Length 3.5cm and width 1.8cm.
7. Depression earrings from Kewa, formerly known as Santo Domingo Pueblo - With turquoise chip inlay, clam shell on bakelite backing. Length 4cm and width 1.6cm
8. Vintage Zuni channel inlay earrings with turquoise and clam shell. Length 3.5cm and width 1.8cm
9. Wonderful Navajo stamped earrings with Naja's. Length 5cm and width 2.2cm
10. Vintage Navajo silver with Mediterranean coral squash blossom earrings. Length 4.5cm