1. Wonderful petite vintage Zuni inlay earrings set in silver. Measures 3.7cm x 1.8cm (1½
2. Superb vintage Navajo manta pin earrings domed with repousse. Diameter 6cm or 2 3/8
3. Great vintage Navajo silver and turquoise with Thunderbird earrings. Measures 6cm x 1.7cm (2 4/8
4. Amazing 1970's chandelier Zuni turquoise earrings with lovely turquoise and great design. Measure 8cm x 4cm (3 1/8
5. A  lovely pair of vintage Navajo earrings with great turquoise and silver work. Measures 3cm x 1.6cm (1¼
6. An early pair of Cheryl Yestewa turquoise tab earrings with silver hooks. Measures 3.2cm x 1cm (1 2/8
7. Gorgeous silver vintage Navajo hoop earrings with lovely stamping design. Measures 5.5cm x 4.1cm (2
8. Superb early silver Navajo squash blossom earrings with hoops and hooks. Measures 5cm x 2cm (2
9. Amazing early Navajo silver squash blossom earrings. Measures 5.5cm x 1.5cm (2 2/8
10. A wonderful pair of elegant 'White Hogan' earrings in silver and inlaid iron wood. Has the White Hogan signature stamp. Measures 3.5cm x 1.8cm (1 4/8