1. Fabulous vintage natural green turquoise nuggets with silver wire hooks. Length 5cm (2
2. Early 1900's apple green pump drilled turquoise joclah earrings with early glass trade beads and clam shell tabs centered. Length 13.5cm (5 3/8
3. Vintage Navajo turquoise cluster earrings with lovely stones and has hooks. Length 4cm (1½
4. Vintage Navajo shadow box silver earrings with lovely turquoise stones. Length 8cm (3 1/8
5. Superb late 1890's Pueblo large silver with green cabochon earrings each with five silver squash blossoms. Length 9.5cm (3¾
6. Fine 1930's Zuni petit-point turquoise cluster and silver dangle earrings. Length 6cm (2 3/8
7. Lovely early 1900's Navajo turquoise and silver earrings. Length 6cm (2 3/8
8. Fine multi inlay in silver, vintage Zuni butterfly earrings. Width 2.5cm (1
9. Vintage Navajo moccasin button silver and green turquoise earrings. Diameter 2.5cm (1
10. Frank Patania Sr. (1899-1964) Mediterranean coral and sterling silver earrings. Diameter 2.5cm (1