1. Petite vintage Navajo Thunderbird stud earrings with stamping and turquoise stones. Length 1.1cm (½
2. Vintage Navajo blue turquoise and silver earrings with beautiful bezel detail. Complete length 2.7cm (1¹/8
3. Piki Wadsworth, Hopi artist -  Exquisite fine turquoise and silver tab earrings, made in the earlier stage of Piki's career. Complete length 3.5cm (1¼
4. Great Navajo Thunderbird earrings with feather fringing and turquoise stones with stamping. Complete length 4.3cm (1¾
5. Unusual vintage Navajo all silver Thunderbird earrings, each with unique traditional stamping and silver bead. Complete length 5.5cm (2¼
6. Gorgeous large circa 1930's Navajo natural nuggets of soft green, high grade turquoise tabs. With original drill holes with traditional Navajo silver hardware. Complete length 5cm (2
7. Beautiful vintage Navajo silver and green turquoise dangle earrings each with a silver bird, symbolising the traditional Navajo imagery of the 'Thunderbird'. Complete length 5.8cm (2¼
8. Superb large circa 1970's Navajo turquoise and silver dangle hoop earrings with soft green colours of turquoise. Complete length 7cm (2¾
9. Exquisite large 1970's petit-point cluster turquoise earrings with a varying array of turquoise colours. Complete length 7.5cm (2¾
10. Beautiful vintage Navajo hoop silver earrings with traditional stamping. Complete length 6cm (2¼