1. Dyaami Lewis Cuff With Traditional Arrow Stamping And Green Turquoise
2. Coral Organic Cluster Cuff With Detailed Stamping And Silver Overlay
3. Silver Repoussé Cuff By Ernie Lister
4. Spiny Oyster Shell Cluster Cuff
5. Greg Lewis Wide Oxidised Patina Cuff With Square Cut Green Turquoise And Traditional Stamping
6. Calvin Martinez Green Turquoise Cuff With Side Stamping
7. Patty Fawn Carved Abalone Inlaid Cuff
8. Heavyweight Coral Row Cuff
9. Mike Bird Silver Ridged Cuff
10. Mike Bird Butterfly Cuff
#1. Beautiful hand forged silver beads with Naja by Laguna Pueblo silver-smith Dyaami Lewis. The Naja pendant is accented with a single turquoise stone.
#2. Acclaimed contemporary Zuni Pueblo artist, Jovanna Poblano necklace with amber coloured agate beads and an abalone corn maiden pendant.
#3. Contemporary silver cross and bead necklace by the acclaimed San Juan Pueblo artist Mike Bird Romero
#4. Large Turquoise Bead Necklace
#5. Contemporary six strands of natural Mediterranean coral heishi necklace
#6. Superb fetish carved necklace by the renowned Sarah Leekya, in varying stones and carvings of leaves and different animals.
#7. Exquisite Sleeping Beauty turquoise and silver necklace with eleven beautiful stones
#8. Contemporary Taos fetish necklace with different animal carvings and a large bear pendant all hand carved.
#9. Superb contemporary green turquoise tabs and silver necklace with extension chain
#10. Exquisite woven turquoise bead necklace by acclaimed Santo Domingo lapidarist Jimmy Calabaza
1. Fine Needlepoint Zuni Chandelier Turquoise Earrings
2. Coin Silver And Gem Kingman Turquoise Drop Earrings By Renowned Artist Steven Tiffany
3. Contemporary Zuni Multi Inlay Earrings
4. Zuni Turquoise Channel Inlay Dangle
5. Pueblo Style Shell Mosaic Tile Earrings In Turquoise, Jet, Mother Of Pearl And Coral by Bryan Tom
6. Fine Coral Zuni Chandelier Earrings
7. Navajo Stamped Silver Hoop Earrings
8. Turquoise And Red Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings By Navajo Artists Vernon & Clarissa Hale
9. Navajo Stamped Silver Hoop Earrings By Isabelle Kee
10. Zuni Orange Spiny Oyster Shell Cluster Dangle Earrings By Tyler Brown
#1. Artisan Patty Fawn creates cast bronze owl ring with inlaid abalone accents.
#2. Hopi artist Raymond Sequaptewa ring with figurative face in turquoise and fossilised ivory set in detailed silver shank.
#3. Ring By Harry H. Begay Set With Large Piece Of Red Spiny Oyster Shell
#4. Silver Star Ring By Navajo Artist Cody Sanderson
#5. White Turquoise And Silver Ring By Contemporary Navajo Artist
#6. Amazing large sculptural silver ring by artisan Calvin Martinez (with artist hallmark).
#7. Large Oval Of Natural Turquoise Set In Silver By Contemporary Navajo Artist Michael Rogers Yosemite
#8. Silver And Sugarlite Ring By Navajo Artist Albert Lee
1. Wonderful contemporary Hopi silver belt buckle depicting the Kokopelli.
2. Contemporary Hopi Kokopelli silver hair clip.
3. Contemporary Navajo silver key ring with traditional stamping.
4. Great rectangular cut turquoise and silver cuff links.
5. Lovely channel inlay turquoise and silver money clip.
#9. Turquoise Inlay Knife Feather Dancer Set In Silver by Zuni Artist
#10. High Grade Green Turquoise Stone With Turquoise Inlay On The Sides by Artist Na Na Ping
1. Lovely turquoise Bison pendant with coral heart line set in silver bezel.
2. Renowned contemporary Navajo silver-smith Liz Wallace, creates exquisite butterfly pin/pendant with deep to mid green turquoise with silver twist wire surround. With artist hallmark.
3. Exquisite pin/pendant with red spiny oyster shell stone on stone inlay with a central turquoise and coral detail. Finished off with a fine silver bezel with a shell backing by Santa Domingo Pueblo artist Mary Lovato (with artist hallmark). 
4. Contemporary Mediterranean coral cluster and silver pin/pendant by Zuni artists Robert and Bernice Leekya (with artist hallmark).
5. Contemporary fine pin/pendant with micro-chip inlay depicting a Robin by Zuni artist, R.N. Laconsello (with artist hallmark).
6. Contemporary stainless steel ceremonial mask pendant by Native North American, Al Namingha.
7. Contemporary reversible and removable silver star pendant by renowned Navajo artist, Cody Sanderson (with artist hallmark).
8. Beautiful contemporary turquoise cobblestone inlay dragonfly pin/pendants set in silver by renowned Pascua Yaqui artisan, Na Na Ping (with artist hallmark).
9. Contemporary silver petroglyph pin with a single garnet stone and gold overlay detail by Zuni/Navajo artist Myron Panteah (1966 - 2016). Each petroglyph image intricately cut by hand.
10. Contemporary Navajo artist Harrison Jim - Tufa cast silver with turquoise double cross bar pendant on leather.
1. Contemporary Navajo silver-smith Cody Sanderson silver belt buckle inspired by traditional design.
2. Superb Cippy Crazy Horse buckle with wonderful heavy stamping and crowned with a turquoise stone. With artist hall mark (please see other images).
3. Lovely turquoise channel inlay vintage ranger set by Hopi artist Marvin Lucas (has artist hallmark).
4. Contemporary ranger set with jet and tigers eye inlaid into silver with an art-deco style design.
5. Exquisite contemporary silver link belt, each segment inlaid with different coloured oyster shell, by master smith Charlene Reano.
6. Superb silver conch belt on black leather by Cochiti Pueblo artist Cippy Crazy Horse.
7. Contemporary hand beaded belt.