#1. Amazing sculptural Navajo contemporary earrings by Vernon and Clarisa Hale,  with orange, red and purple spiny oyster shell and green and blue turquoise set in silver. Measure 5.4cm x 3.6cm (2 1/8
#2. Contemporary Zuni long turquoise inlay earrings set in silver by artist, Charlene Reano. Length 9.5cm (3¾
#3. Superb Kingman turquoise stones set in fine silver settings. Length 3cm ( 1 2/8
#5. Northwest Coast Native hand carved fossilised earrings with abolone inlay on silver hooks by contemporary designer, Patty Fawn. Measures 6.4cm x 1.6cm (2½
#6. Contemporary fossilised ivory earrings with silver hooks by designer David Wallace.
#1. Amazing and collectable contemporary story teller bands in silver and gold, each with it's own unique village story to tell, by renowned silver smith, Vidal Aragon (1923 - 2015).
#2. Lovely contemporary Navajo cluster turquoise and silver ring, with nine natural cabochons of turquoise balancing in colour. Measures across the top 3.3cm x 2.9cm (1 2/8
#3. Exquisitely unique and superbly designed ring by renowned Pascua Yaqui award winning lapidarist, Na Na Ping - Large single oval and domed cabochon of coral centred and framed in silver, than the outer frame is a deep red of Rosarita. Sitting atop a wide silver square shank which narrows towards the ends and each side has Rosarita overlay.  Measures across the top 3.8cm x 2.9cm (1 6/8
#4. Contemporary ring by renowned Navajo master silversmith Harry H. Begay - superb square cut blue turquoise cabochon with hues of soft green and a copper matrix. The silver setting with raindrop of bead detail framing the sides of the stone along with triangular shapes on either of the opposing sides. The shank is striated finely into six and follows around with stamping work. Measures across the top 2.5cm  x 1.8cm (1
#5. Lovely contemporary Navajo made ring set with rectangular green turquoise cabochon with hues ranging from deep to mid green with a copper matrix throughout. Set in ornate silver design with twist wire and rain drop or bead detail. Set on a striated shank divided into three. Measures across the top 3.3cm x 2cm (1 3/8
#6. Amazing ring by contemporary Hopi designer, Raymond Sequaptewa - Kachina face in multi inlay set into silver. The shank has a band of multi overlay around the middle of the shank. Ring diameter is 3cm. With artist hallmark.
#7. Superb Harry H. Begay ring with a turquoise domed stone and silver detail sitting atop a large cabochon of orange spiny oyster shell. Set in silver with twist wire designed bezel and stamping around the shank and signed with Begay's hallmark. Ring measures across the top 4.1cm x 2.4cm (1 6/8
#8. A superb large oval ring by renowned silver-smith McKee Platero, with a large cabochon of orange spiny oyster shell set in beautifully hand forged silver setting with scalloped edging and rope design. McKee has stamped a nature scene on the  underside of the ring and signed with his three dots and his whole name with the year of production. Ring across the top measures 5.2cm x 3.2cm (2
#9. Contemporary Navajo wide silver cast ring, depicting a dragonfly with the stars and moon and a single turquoise cabochon. Ring length is 3.8cm (1½
#10. Wonderful large oval domed and stamped silver ring with a open diamond slot, by contemporary designer, Calvin Martinez and signed by the artist. Dimensions across the top of the ring is  4.7cm x 2.5cm (1¾
1. Great set of contemporary silver cuff links by Navajo jewellery smith Tom Hawk.
2. Great selection of Hopi and Navajo key rings.
3. Superb set of art deco style cuff links inlaid with turquoise, lapis-lazuli and Mediterranean coral.
4. Contemporary Navajo jewellery designer, Cody Sanderson's, all silver double star hair tie with great heavy stamping.
5. Contemporary hand beaded hair clip.
1. Contemporary Navajo turquoise and silver cluster pin/pendant. Diamter 5.3cm (2
2. Fantastic Apache designed copper stamped cross pendant with repousse and satin polished silver beads, made by Mike Bird-Romero of San Juan (Ohkay Owingeh) Pueblo. Length 8.5cm (3¼
3. Incredible large carved turquoise pendant set in simple silver setting, by Navajo smith Olin Tsingine. Length 10.4cm (4¼
4. Great silver Naja pendant by contemporary artist Dyaami Lewis of Laguna Pueblo. Length 6.5cm (2½
5. New reversible star pendant by Navajo master, Cody Sanderson.
4. Contemporary ranger set with jet and tigers eye inlaid into silver with an art-deco style design. Length 16cm (6¼
6. Exquisite contemporary silver link belt, each segment inlaid with different coloured oyster shell, by master smith Charlene Reano.
1. Contemporary Zuni three row turquoise and silver cuff with each stone hand cut and placed, balanced with traditional style stamping detail on the returns. 1.7cm (¾
2. Great all silver cuff by artist Dyaami Lewis of Laguna Pueblo - with central repousse with traditional style stamp work. Width 2.2cm (¾
3. Elegant contemporary silver three row studded cuff with saw tooth edging and the interior has two rows of stars, by Navajo designer, Cody Sanderson. Width 3.2cm (1¼
4. Orange spiny oyster shell and silver Navajo contemporary cuff. Width 4.3cm (1¾
5. Exquisite inlaid cuff with purple sugilite and turquoise set into silver by renowned contemporary artist, Na Na Ping. Width 2.5cm (1
6. Great all silver star cuffs by the popular Navajo smith Cody Sanderson.
7. Great silver cast cuff by contemporary artist , Everett Jones. Width 5cm (2
8. Superb silver and turquoise cuff by renowned contemporary silver-smith artist, McKee Platero. Width 4cm (1.5
9. Contemporary artist, Dyaami Lewis of Laguna Pueblo, creates striated silver cuff set with three turquoise stones.
10. Beautiful sleeping beauty turquoise two stone and silver cuff by Hopi/Navajo artist, Albert Lee.
1. Jovanna Poblano maiden necklace with three strand horn, turquoise and Mediterranean coral heishi and abalone maiden pendant. Length 22cm (8¾
2. Fine three stand Mediterranean coral heishi with silver. Length 44cm (17¼
3. Great silver naja pendant with turquoise and silver beads strung on adjustable leather by contemporary artist, Jesse Robbins. Length 7cm (2¾
#7. Exquisite contemporary Navajo turquoise silver earrings with great turquoise stones. Length 7cm (2¾
#8. Great contemporary Navajo chandelier, orange spiny oyster shell and silver earrings. Length 5cm (2
#9. Beautiful fine contemporary Zuni channel inlay hoop dangle earrings inlaid with angel skin coral, lapis-lazuli and turquoise. Length 5cm (2
#10. Petite earrings with Damali turquoise set in elegant silver setting by contemporary Pascua Yaqui designer Na Na Ping. Length 2.5cm (1
Superb silver conch belt on black leather by Cochiti Pueblo artist Cippy Crazy Horse. Dimension of conch's 7.5cm x 6.6cm (2¾
4. Beautiful turquoise contemporary Zuni necklace made up of fifty strands of miniature turquoise beads with silver returns. Complete length 46cm
5. Contemporary Zuni artist Dinah Gasper - Superb clam shell two strand heishi necklace interspersed with very finely carved turquoise animal talismens/fetishes. Complete length 74.5cm
6. Contemporary Zuni Artists Pete and Dinah Gasper - fine fetish clam shell heishi necklace interspersed with various animal talismans/fetishes. Complete length 34.5cm
7. Contemporary Zuni bird fetish necklace with clam shell heishi and turquoise beads. Complete length 68.5cm
8. Exquisite necklace by contemporary Zuni artists Jovanna Poblano & Daniel Chattin - Fine heishi strands of angel skin coral and finished with a maiden pendant made from an oyster shell and turquoise. Complete length 29cm
Contemporary artist, Cody Sanderson - hand made silver buckle inspired by a early first phase silver conch.
Contemporary hand beaded belt.