Jovanna Poblano Shell Necklace
Contemporary Silver Pendant featuring Multi Stone Inlay
Contemporary Turquoise Heishi Necklace
Contemporary Shell Carving Necklace
Multi Stone Bear Fetish Necklace
Turquoise Bead Necklace
Silver and Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace with Naja
Turquoise Nugget Necklace
Dinah Gasper Turquoise Fetish Necklace
Contemporary Turquoise Silver Pendant stamped Greg Lewis
Contemporary Turquoise Silver Pendant stamped Elgin Tom
Contemporary Turquoise Cluster Silver Pin
Contemporary Turquoise Cross set in Silver Pendant
Selection of Contemporary Charms and Pendants
Contemporary Turquoise Butterfly set in Silver Pendant/ Pin
Contemporary Silver Overlay Pendants
Contemporary Silver Naja Pendant stamped F L Begay
Contemporary Zuni Coral Cluster Silver Pendant / Pin
Contemporary Zuni Turquoise Cluster Pendant
Silver Stamped Bird Earrings
Contemporary Silver Small Hoop Earrings
Contemporary Corn Motif Mother of Pearl Silver Earrings
Turquoise Silver Cross Earrings wrapped in Gold Wire
Contemporary Turquoise on Gold Hooks
Contemporary Coral Cluster Silver Earrings
Contemporary Turquoise Silver Drop Earrings
Contemporary Silver Button Earrings
Keri Ataumbi Stamped Silver Hoop Earrings
Turquoise Drop Earrings
Anthony Skeets Spiny Oyster Shell Cluster Silver Cuff
Cody Sanderson Lander Blue Turquoise Silver Cuff
Larry Loretto Turquoise Channel Inlay Silver Cuff
Harrison Jim Silver Stamped Cuff
Contemporary Turquoise Silver Cuff
Edison Cummings Tufa Cast Silver Inlay Cuff
Albert Lee Turquoise Silver Cuff
Cody Sanderson Star Silver Cuff
NaNa Ping Turquoise Cobblestone Silver Cuff
Aaron Lopez Bautista Leather Bracelets
Stamped Silver Shield Ring
Cody Sanderson Silver Ring
Cody Sanderson Silver Star ring
Contemporary Navajo sterling silver hand-made cuff links set with boulder turquoise.
Contemporary silver stamped baby rattle.
Lovely contemporary stamped Navajo silver hair tie set with turquoise.
Contemporary Zuni silver key ring with a bear inlaid in lapis-lazuli, orange spiny oyster shell, jet and turquoise sy
Contemporary leather dog collar set with five Navajo brilliant blue turquoise stones set in handmade silver bezels.
Petite Stamped Conch Belt
Superb Cippy Crazy Horse buckle with wonderful heavy stamping and crowned with a turquoise stone. With artist hall mark (please see other images).
Lovely turquoise channel inlay vintage ranger set by Hopi artist Marvin Lucas (has artist hallmark).
Contemporary ranger set with jet and tigers eye inlaid into silver with an art-deco style design.
Wonderful contemporary designed silver safety pin pendant by Navajo silver-smith, Cody Sanderson. With artist hallmark
Selection Of Silver Cufflinks
Silver And Turquoise Navajo Hair Pin By Charlton Draper
Silver Hopi Overlay Spoon
Baby Gifts - Selection Of Silver And Turquoise Child's Bracelets And Silver Rattle
Fossilised Marine Ivory And Abalone Box And Hair Comb By Patti Fawn (sold seperately)
Contemporary Navajo Silversmith, Cody Sanderson - Superb large star pendant with artist hallmark.
Black Jet Frog Pendant/ Pin With Turquoise inlay Set In Silver Inlay
Silver tufa-cast contemporary Navajo cross with coral.
Renowned contemporary silver-smith, Greg Lewis - Double bar silver stamped cross pendant with artist hallmark.
Sterling silver stamped hand-made silver naja pendant by contemporary Navajo silver-smith by Dyaami Lewis.
Superb silver and turquoise pendant by Navajo silver-smith Aaron Anderson.
Contemporary Navajo silver-smith Dyaami Lewis naja pendant and with artist hallmark.
Running horse contemporary Zuni silver and multi inlay pendant.
Contemporary turquoise and silver rectangular pendant.
NaNa Ping Silver Rings
Multi Row Turquoise Silver Ring
Richard Chavez Gold Ring
Denise Wallace Fossilized Walrus Tusk set in Silver Ring
Vidal Aragon Gold Overlay Ring
NaNa Ping Silver Ring featuring Number Eight Turquoise
Ed Wayne Aragon Silver Overlay Rings
Exquisite contemporary silver link belt, each segment inlaid with different coloured oyster shell, by master smith Charlene Reano.
Dan Jackson Silver Buckle
Contemporary hand beaded belt.
Hopi Silver Overlay 'Man In The Maze' Buckle
Hope Silver Overlay Buckle
Hope Silver Overlay Buckle