1. A range of wonderful contemporary guard cuffs by Navajo Greg Lewis (with artist hallmark).
2. Harrison Jim contemporary fine silver cuff with linear stamping with dragon flies.
3. Contemporary wide silver Hopi cuff with traditional design.
4. Exquisite turquoise cobble stone inlay set into a solid silver cuff by renowned artist Na Na Ping (with artist hallmark).
5. Brilliant blue geometric row cuff set in silver by artist Ray Bennett.
6. Contemporary wide silver cuff with repousse stars and linear edge by Navajo artist Cody Sanderson.
7. Great contemporary wide silver linear cuff by renowned artist Mike Bird Romero.
8. Exquisite contemporary cuff by award winning artist Mike Bird Romero with a large oval orange spiny oyster shell set atop a beautifully designed silver cuff.
9. Superb contemporary Navajo row cuffs set with orange spiny  oyster shell set in silver.
10. Hand braided leather bracelets by Aaron Lopez Bautista.