1. Contemporary Zuni three row turquoise and silver cuff with each stone hand cut and placed, balanced with traditional style stamping detail on the returns. 1.7cm (¾
2. Great all silver cuff by artist Dyaami Lewis of Laguna Pueblo - with central repousse with traditional style stamp work. Width 2.2cm (¾
3. Elegant contemporary silver three row studded cuff with saw tooth edging and the interior has two rows of stars, by Navajo designer, Cody Sanderson. Width 3.2cm (1¼
4. Orange spiny oyster shell and silver Navajo contemporary cuff. Width 4.3cm (1¾
5. Exquisite inlaid cuff with purple sugilite and turquoise set into silver by renowned contemporary artist, Na Na Ping. Width 2.5cm (1
6. Great all silver star cuffs by the popular Navajo smith Cody Sanderson.
7. Great silver cast cuff by contemporary artist , Everett Jones. Width 5cm (2
8. Superb silver and turquoise cuff by renowned contemporary silver-smith artist, McKee Platero. Width 4cm (1.5
9. Contemporary artist, Dyaami Lewis of Laguna Pueblo, creates striated silver cuff set with three turquoise stones.
10. Beautiful sleeping beauty turquoise two stone and silver cuff by Hopi/Navajo artist, Albert Lee.