#1. Lovely early 1900's Persian turquoise row cuff with graduating cabochons set on a heavy gauge silver foundation with three rows of silver twist-wire. Width across the top is 1.5cm (6/8
#2. Superb heavy gauge row cuff by renowned silver-smith Mark Chee (1914-1981), set with nine graduating cabochons of turquoise. With the hallmark of the artist. Inner circumference is 12.5cm (4¾
#4. Wonderful vintage eight row petit-point turquoise cuff with fine stamping. Inner circumference 13cm (5 1/8
#5. Exquisite Pueblo vintage green turquoise and silver cluster cuff with silver twist wire design. Inner circumference is 14cm (5½
#6. Lovely vintage Navajo soft green turquoise row cuff with stamping. Inner circumference is 14cm (5½
#7. Fine vintage Zuni inlay Rainbow dancer silver cuff with silver beads running down each side of the figure. Inlaid with jet, turquoise, orange spiny oyster shell and mother of pearl. Inner circumference is 13.5cm (5 2/8
#8. Superb wide vintage melon shell, channel inlay cuff with side stamping. Width across the top is 4.7cm (1¾
#9. Fine vintage Dennis Edaakie cuff, done in the earlier part of his career and signed by the Zuni artist. Inlaid with iron wood, mother of pearl, abalone, Mediterranean coral; depicting a hummingbird motif. Inner circumference is 13.5cm (5¼
#10. 1920's Navajo silver stamped cuff with lovely stamping design. Inner circumference is 15.3cm (6