1. Beautiful wide silver vintage Navajo cuff with exquisite repousse work and stamping.
2. Superb vintage Navajo cuff with lovely oval turquoise stone set in wonderfully designed silver cuff with traditional stamping all the way around and silver applique.
3. Exquisite early 1900's Navajo hand worked ingot silver cuff. With four deep green domed turquoise cabochons set in saw tooth bezels, sitting atop a three part striated cuff. The two outer ones matching in shape and heavy stamp work, the central one being of twist wire design
4. Exquisite vintage Navajo, Arizona turquoise cluster cuff. This amazing 1950's wide cluster cuff superbly made; each tear drop shaped stone is set in very fine saw-tooth silver bezels, each row of cluster is divided by silver twist wire and silver beads including the side clusters. Please see other images.
5. Vintage Zuni wide eight row cuff each turquoise stone cut and set in a fine saw-tooth bezel set in silver with traditional silver stamp work. Between each row of turquoise is a row of silver beads. A lovely piece. Please see other images.
6. Superb 1930's Navajo graduating turquoise single row cuff. Beautiful turquoise cabochons with and caramel matrix running throughout the stone. Silver beads cushioned between each stone. The returns stamped with long oval shapes. See other images.
7. Great vintage Navajo cluster cuff with lovely aged domed turquoise cabochons and all stones still intact, sitting atop a silver foundation which is striated into three bars.
8. Fine vintage Zuni inlay Rainbow dancer silver cuff with silver beads running down each side of the figure. Inlaid with jet, turquoise, orange spiny oyster shell and mother of pearl.
9. Superb wide vintage melon shell, channel inlay cuff with side stamping.
10. Fine vintage Dennis Edaakie cuff, done in the earlier part of his career and signed by the Zuni artist. Inlaid with iron wood, mother of pearl, abalone, Mediterranean coral; depicting a hummingbird motif.