1. An amazing 1970's Zuni turquoise cluster conch belt with large turquoise cluster conch's with dividers and buckle on a wide leather black belt. Beautiful rows of stone work and silver-smithing with repousse and twist wire. The belt is hall marked by Zuni husband and wife team, Valentino and Matilda Banteah.
2. Superb petite vintage turquoise petit-point inlay ranger set by V. Dishta SR (with artist hallmark) from the renowned Dishta family known for their inlay work.
3. A lovely petite silver conch belt with 18 silver conch's with copper soldered belt holders on the reverse and then finished with a rectangular silver buckle, all balancing with the same fine stamp design. A leather of choice can be created.
4. Petit-point turquoise inlay in silver vintage ranger set, by artist Virgil Dishta, from the renowned Dishta family known for their fine inlay work. The leather can be changed to any leather to suit the wearer.
5. Exquisite vintage ranger set with natural turquoise stones set in silver by two artist's George and Lupeta Leekity (Lupeta Leekity the daughter of Horace Iule). Hallmarked by both artists.
6. Lovely petite vintage Navajo belt with eleven conch's and buckle. Each conch with sunburst repousse radiating outward of the central turquoise stone then framed with stamping and scalloped edging. The buckle with stunning design with traditional repousse, four tear-dropped shaped turquoise stones with wide scalloped edging.
7. A petite vintage Navajo conch belt made up of ten conch's, eleven dividers and each buckle with stamping, repousse, scalloped edging and petite green turquoise stones.
8. Gorgeous petite vintage Navajo conch belt on original tan leather with buckle and twelve matching conch's. Each conch with repousse radiating out from the central turquoise stone and framed with stamping and scalloped edging. The buckle is circular in shape with the same edging as the conch's and the central design with repousse and stamping surrounding a soft green turquoise stone.