1. Beautiful vintage blue gem turquoise and silver channel inlay ranger set on leather. Length of ranger buckle is 5cm (2
2. A classic first phase open diamond slot all silver Navajo belt with 7 concha's on original leather, circa.1910. Concha's measure in length 10cm (4
3. All silver conch belt by Navajo silversmith Roger Skeet Snr. - Extremely clean traditional stamping and repousse detail which achieves a beautiful ornate pattern. Has eight conch's and great square buckle. Each conch measures, length  3½
4. Superb vintage Navajo all silver buckle with 'Knifewing' ceremonial figure. Length 2¾
5. Wonderful vintage Navajo all silver buckle with traditional stamping and repousse design. Length 3¾
6. Great all silver conch buckle by Austin Wilson. Length 2½
7. An array of Southwestern U.S.A. great vintage hand crafted genuine leather belts to compliment any buckle.
8. Navajo silver vintage conch belt with turquoise and ornate buckle. Conch height is 4cm or 1½
9. 1970's green turquoise cluster belt - Silversmithing by Navajo silversmith Martha Smiley & lapidary by Zuni artist Jack Weekoty
10. An exquisite vintage Zuni link belt by the mosaic master Teddy Weahkee; with fourteen mini mosaic works depicting clay pots and interspersed with fifteen silver stamped plates. The buckle aesthetically matching with the smaller inlay pots is surrounded in beautiful silver detail.