Vintage South American wooden mesquite bench. Height 805mm. Deep 435mm. Length 930mm
A wonderful range in different shapes and sizes of old wooden Mexican Batea plates and bowls, used originally for storage.
Wonderful old South American trunk from the late 1800's with iron and dovetail detail with round feet. Height 520mm; depth/length 875mm; width 425mm. (In the image this trunk described is the bottom trunk)
An antique wooden chest with stand. Was common in Spain and Mexico for storing clothes and documents in humid climates. Height 785mm; depth/length 785mm; Width 445mm
Great old Mexican stool with three legs. Height 355mm and width at the widest point is 375mm
A pair of Spanish forged iron ornate candelabra's from the 1700's. Height 555mm and width 255mm
Early Navajo rugs made into pillows with suede backing. Measures: length 585mm and width 400mm
Old wooden box's with compartments, ideal for curio display.
Vintage iron Mexican fire place tools with stand and log basket.
An antique Peruvian hand carved wooden chest with iron hardware, circa 1700's. Measures: Height 305mm; Depth/length 600mm; width 360mm
An old wooden writing slope box, circa 1925 - Complete with internal leather writing slope and hidden trinket compartments and brass hardware. This writing box was a gift in honour of Cheif Deputy U.S. Marshal - George H. Burnham.
Plush fur Badger and Racoon pelt throws with Coyote cushions.
Plush fur steer hides, each with unique markings and colours in medium to large size.
Old Mesquite hall table with three drawers & forged iron handles, built on early mesquite oxen yokes. Measures: Height 790mm; depth/length 1525mm; Width 458mm
Early Mexican green ranch trastero, originally used as a kitchen cupboard with two top mesh doors. Measures: Height 1670mm; depth/length 1100mm; width 480mm
Superb beaver long hair and short hair, plush fur cushions with suede backings.
Early crude ranch chair. Measures: Height 660mm; depth/length 433mm; width 343mm
A selection of contemporary Pendleton wool milled blankets  - Designs are based on traditional Navajo rug designs and all blankets have reversible designs
Mesquite wood writing desk with hand forged iron handles, circa late 1800's. Measures: Height 635mm; depth/length 850mm; width 520mm