Antique fishing lure weights carved and etched from wood and tin each with it's own stand.
Lovely miniature sculpture by artist, Jorge Lovato - A group of horses carved from stone and etched.
Innuit sculptor, Lucassie Ikkidluak - Muskox in soapstone on stand. Measures 43x25cm
A wonderful serpentine sculpture of a Muskox by sculptor Lucassie Ikkidluak. Measures  40.5cm  x 27cm
Matthew Panana of Jemez Pueblo - Large bear sculpture with bundle and heart line. Measures 45 x 27.5cm
Beautiful bear sculpture by M.Lund. Measures 25.5cm x 21cm
Bill Prokopiof (1944-1999) - Amazing Bronze white bear, measures 46 x 33cm.
Sculptor, Bill Prokopiof (1944 - 1999) - lovely large life like bronze bear 46cm x 33cm.
Two figurative bronze sculptures 'Rosie' (height 60cm) and 'The Night Singer (height 68cm) by renowned Aleut sculptor Bill Prokopioff (1944-1999).
Sculptor Bill Prokopiof (1944-1999) - Bronze 'Bayetta' stands at 1.52m high.
New glass buffalo sculptures in a select range of colours by Native American Indian glass artist, Ira Lujan. Signed by the artist and buffalo glass sculptures range in size between height 7
Mark Swazo-Hinds - translucent white alabaster carved bear fetish with medicine bundles.
Glass blown bird vase with a lid by Native American Indian artist, Ira Lujan. Height is 11¼
Inuit sculptor, David Panneok - Superbly sculpted soapstone Falcon, Measures 26cm x 21cm.
Contemporary sculptor Michael Naranjo from Santa Clara Pueblo - 'Black Magic' measures 9.5
Bronze sculptor Artist, Robert Deurloo - 'The Prowler' with accents of gold on the ends of the ears, Edtn 22/50. Measures width 90.5cm - Depth 15.5cm - Height 22cm
Inuit figure hand carved from Greenstone. Measures 12
The renowned sculptor, Cliff Fragua - 'Watching the Traditions Carried On' carved from Alabaster. Measures Width 33.5cm - depth 22cm - Height 59cm
White marble carved sculpture by artist Upton Ethelbah Greyshoes - Sculpture title is 'Apache Gan', year 2000.  Measures width 29cm - depth 8cm - height 59.5cm
Artist, Cliff Fragua - Marble sculpture created with Italian, Colorado and Greek marble, 'Winter Blessings'. Measures 23¾