A sculpture by Inuit artist, Tony Weyronanna - Carved whale bone and inlaid with fossilised ocean ivory. Depicting a fisherman and his catch of the day. Whale bone sculpture is an age old tradition of the Eskimo peoples. Height 255mm (10
Antique Chippewa fishing lures circa 1900-20's from the great lakes region. Made from tin and carved wood, each with it's own stand. The darker larger lure has beads for eyes and it's fins are made from tin and the body is carved from solid wood with a light etching pattern. The lighter coloured smaller lure has tin fins and tail with no etching marks and is carved from wood.
Lovely miniature sculpture by artist, Jorge Lovato - A group of horses carved from stone and etched.
A wonderful serpentine sculpture of a Muskox by sculptor Lucassie Ikkidluak. Measures  40.5cm  x 27cm
Matthew Panana of Jemez Pueblo - Large bear sculpture with bundle and heart line. Measures 45 x 27.5cm
Beautiful bear sculpture by M.Lund. Measures 25.5cm x 21cm
Sculptor, Bill Prokopiof (1944 - 1999) - lovely large life like bronze bear 46cm x 33cm.
Two figurative bronze sculptures 'Rosie' (height 60cm) and 'The Night Singer (height 68cm) by renowned Aleut sculptor Bill Prokopioff (1944-1999).
Sculptor Bill Prokopiof (1944-1999) - Bronze 'Bayetta' stands at 1.52m high.
Glass buffalo sculptures in a select range of colours by Native American Indian glass artist, Ira Lujan. Signed by the artist and buffalo glass sculptures range in size between height 7
Native North American Artist, Mark Swazo-Hinds - translucent white alabaster carved bear fetish with a medicine bundle, that is made up of beautiful parrot feathers and shells that are bundled around the sculpture with leather twine. Mark is influenced and believes in the traditions of his Native North American people and each carving carries a blessing that will be passed on to it's owner.
Glass blown bird vase with a lid by Native American Indian artist, Ira Lujan. Height is 11¼
Inuit sculptor, David Panneok - Superbly sculpted soapstone Falcon, Measures 26cm x 21cm.
Contemporary sculptor Michael Naranjo from Santa Clara Pueblo - 'Black Magic' measures 9.5
Bronze sculptor Artist, Robert Deurloo - 'The Prowler' with accents of gold on the ends of the ears, Edtn 22/50. Measures width 90.5cm - Depth 15.5cm - Height 22cm
Inuit figure hand carved from Greenstone. Measures 12
The renowned sculptor, Cliff Fragua - 'Watching the Traditions Carried On' carved from Alabaster. Measures Width 33.5cm - depth 22cm - Height 59cm
White marble carved sculpture by artist Upton Ethelbah Greyshoes - Sculpture title is 'Apache Gan', year 2000.  Measures width 29cm - depth 8cm - height 59.5cm
Artist, Cliff Fragua - Marble sculpture created with Italian, Colorado and Greek marble, 'Winter Blessings'. Measures 23¾