Situated in the elegant Sydney suburb of Double Bay, the Four Winds Gallery, established in 1981, maintains a collectors standard of traditional and contemporary North American Indian jewellery, potter, sculptures, graphics and rugs.

The gallery is a culmination of a long term interest and passion for the owner Jennifer Cullen, and has an international reputation for an extraordinary jewellery collection focussing on fine natural turquoise and ox-blood coral, represented in both rare turn-of-the-century pieces and the best of the current silversmiths and lapidarists from the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi tribes.

Four Winds Gallery also specialises in one-off sculptures, original stone lithographs and large pieces of hand coiled Pueblo pottery. The Cochiti storytellers, fetish collections and photogravures by Edward Sheriff Curtis, the renowned chronicler of the American Indian in the early 1900’s, all add to a comprehensive collection from the indigenous tribal people.